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Arcadia Bar Cable Railing was Ingrid’s AZ Dream

Ingrid had a vision for her beautiful wooden deck, newly added to her home in Arizona: an unobstructed view of the lush greenery and mountains. Ensuring safety and adhering to building codes, however, demanded a railing, but it couldn't be just any railing; it had to maintain the aesthetics and blend seamlessly with the landscape. Her search led her to Inline Design.

Following an initial phone call and email exchanges with Inline Design, Ingrid shared pictures of her scenic Arizona home and the necessary measurements for the deck. To complement the deck's natural aesthetic, the team needed to consider several factors, including Ingrid's personal style, the architectural style of her home, and her family's use of the space.

After examining various railing options, including cable, glass, and stainless steel with different edge styles, the Arcadia Cable Railing System, an exclusive Inline Design product, proved to be the best fit for Ingrid. This system, known for its safety and durability, was not only aesthetically pleasing but also affordable and practical. Installation options included both floor and side mounting, with customizable heights and bar sizes.

The sales team provided Ingrid with a detailed quote, transparently explaining possible price adjustments due to custom parts or changes in design. Indeed, the quote adjusted upwards as additional posts were needed, but this was mitigated by a free shipping offer.

By the end of September, the CAD team finalized the design, and the railing system was ready to be installed. With Inline Design's suggestion, Ingrid employed a professional to handle the installation due to the welding required.

Ingrid was delighted with the result: a safe, appealing railing that preserved her scenic view. The success of this project underscores Inline Design's commitment to transparent communication and versatile designs that meet varying customer needs while conforming to building codes.

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