Ways to Customize Your Deck Area

Decks have become an integral part of garden design and landscaping over the past few years. They offer a versatile and striking aesthetic for a wide variety of spaces and are easily adaptable to gardens of all sizes.

The outdoor resort-style design is often praised for its durability and functionality, alongside its flexible style options. Incorporating a deck into your existing space involves everything from how you use the area to the materials required for year-round use.

The Decks are used primarily for dining alfresco and entertaining guests, so incorporating a fluid transition from your interior design into your exterior themes is paramount for an uninterrupted ambient setting.

Design, space, and natural lighting all determine the best position for your deck, and complementing this plot with customized style will ensure you create something unique to your exterior space. Take a look at some of how you can optimize this customization with clever detailing and deck wire railing options.

outdoor deck railing

Sleek and modern style

If you're looking for high-end and clean aesthetics, there are various deck options to suit this look. Embracing a contemporary vibe with sharp, clean edges and minimalism offers the optimum modern styling. This look can be achieved with various deck materials and is complemented by deck wire railing for a striking finish.

Popular choices for a sleek and clean look in deck railing include the Arcadia system, which features a simple flat bar design and floor- or side-mounted options. This system is also perfect for terrace or balcony style design features, as its specific strength provides a durable and long-lasting exterior solution.

ocean view rail deck

Versatile and subtle design

A Press and Latch deck wire railing system is one of the most popular ways to create a striking yet subtle addition to your exterior area. This easy-to-install solution works harmoniously with the Virginia Round system and can be easily incorporated into a range of different spaces.

The versatility of this design enables you to mix and match it with a variety of exterior themes and décor. These unique systems also provide an uninterrupted view that can create the illusion of larger garden size and beautifully transitions your living areas for an outdoor-in vibe.

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Mixing materials

The beauty of individual style is that there are no rules when it comes to exterior design. Whether you are undertaking extensive renovations or adding small touches to the space, incorporating personality has never been easier. With this in mind, when you design a deck area, mixing materials is a great way to achieve a unique look.

Many combinations pair beautifully, including stainless steel deck wire railing and materials such as concrete and wood. The contrast in color and style makes an attractive focal point in the space yet blends fluidly into the garden's landscape. If you are looking to create a smooth transition between your interior and exterior space, using the same flooring material from the inside of your property to the outside living area will offer a stylish, high-end look.

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Multilevel deck ideas

If you have sufficient space, creating a multilevel area can add a striking aesthetic to your property. This layered effect sparks design ingenuity and works in various locations around a property, including small raise decked areas to incorporating steps up to first or subsequent levels.

Designing multilevel decks with wire railing will transition each level effortlessly while retaining its striking aesthetic. This railing style also provides a safety barrier for staircases and decks above ground level without the blocking nature of a traditional structure.

spigot glass Railing

Simple styling

It is often underestimated the power of simple style. Exterior areas don't have to include the latest garden themes to resonate with personal tastes, so keeping it clean, fresh, and sophisticated can work wonders in any space.

The minimalistic appearance of the deck wire railing offers you a simple yet effective way to customize a plot for maximum impact. This deck railing option is also easy to clean and upholds its original aesthetic with little effort.

The latest cable and deck wire railing options cater to a range of exterior design ideas and can be easily worked into the initial planning stage. Whether you want to customize your space with the latest in contemporary design or seek a traditional vibe for your property, deck wire railing complements many exterior style options with an impressive and revolutionary design.