Stair Railing Ideas, How to Create a New Focal Point

Staircases are one of the most important features in a home but are often given minor consideration when designing your interior spaces. Although some thought is given to this area's aesthetics and interior design, stairs and railings are primarily designed with safety in mind.

Including stylish stair railing systems in open-plan spaces is essential to bringing a fluid transition between floor levels.

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There are several things to consider when creating a new focal point in your home.

How to select the Right Stair Railing Design?

Numerous stair railing ideas work well in contemporary and older properties, depending on your requirements. Straight staircases are ideal for homes that have plenty of space. In addition, you have the option to add railings on the first floor overlooking the ground floor living area.

Straight or Spiral

If you have curves in your staircase, you may require a winder style design with railing options to navigate a 90° angle. Both straight and winder stairs have a range of railing designs to work within your interior schemes. If you’re looking for a funky design that provides visual interest over functionality, spiral staircases are a top choice. This intriguing design works with a range of railing options and creates a striking focal point in any living space. 

glass stair railing with Glass adapters

Floating Staircase

As its name indicates, a floating staircase gives the illusion of floating stair treads. The treads are usually supported by the adjacent wall, a mono stringer, or from an above structure. This modern minimalistic look works well with cable, glass, and bar railing made of stainless steel.

Mono Stringer Floating Stair

How to choose the Right Material for your Home?

After deciding on the design and location of your new staircase, the next thing to consider is the right material. There are several popular options, including wood, glass, and metal. Take a look at some of the ways each could work in both traditional and contemporary homes.


This type of staircase and railing offers a timeless look, pairing beautifully with traditionally styled interiors. There are various colors and wood types to suit a range of budgets, including oak, beech, pine, and ash. You might want to consider installing stainless steel cable railing with a wood handrail to add a touch of contemporary style to this classic design.



This material was once viewed as an industrial feature, but it has made waves in home décor over the past few years. Steel staircases paired with glass or cable railing offer a sleek and fresh look to your interiors. Steel stringers are prominently utilized in flights of stairs in homes, business and manufacturing facilities. You can utilize steel stringers in exterior applications where stainless steel is recommended.

Chicago Square glass stair railing


For a luxury feel to an interior space, glass creates an architectural glamorous vibe. This material allows for an open living area and maximum light entering a space. If your goal is to create an impressive and striking feature, this look is the right pick. Keep in mind that this option is not the most economical and requires more maintenance.

Glass Adapter Stair Railing

How to craft a New Focal Point with Lighting?

Staircases are often positioned in the center of properties, affecting how much natural light flows into this area. By designing this space with lighting in mind, you can create an alluring centerpiece with natural and artificial light options.

The material you choose for your stairs and railing affects how it reflects and absorbs the surrounding light. Glass and cable railing are ideal for bringing light into a staircase area, creating a new focal point.

Well-designed staircases are impressive and striking features in every home.

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