Railing Systems - Javier Sure Knows How to Build a House!

People from all levels of home experience come to us for complete railing solutions. We meet the weekend warrior who wants to install themselves, clients dreaming big with help from contractors, and folks with little or no experience at all. Our company feels honored to be sought out by new builders and professionals alike. So we set out to create stainless steel railing systems that you'll love to look at and which will compliment your home by providing a highly durable and safe railing system.

The Client

We're elated each time we get a call from Javier. He comes equipped with knowledge in home building and an outstanding mark of professionalism. Javier and his company design and custom-build luxury 4-5 bedroom dream homes nestled on multi-acre plots of land in the canyons and hills of lovely Arizona.

The Home

A property like this requires a high level of patience to find the right solutions, an appreciation of a client's deadlines, and a supreme dedication to detail which involves the efforts of our entire team.

Javier started us off with some detailed diagrams of the area of install. The new railing system would be inside the foyer, a room brushed with minimalism and elegant reflective elements, with a spiral staircase rising from the entrance hall up to the 2nd-floor catwalk. Just look at these pictures!

The Railing System

A home like this calls for a railing system matching in refinement and beauty, safety, and functionality. Our newly-improved Seattle Bar Fascia System had fewer detachable components, rounded edges corresponding to our square posts, and adjustable flush angles. Here's a demo, and here are some more details.

The Order

When Javier sent the layout plan to us, he mentioned, "...we need a quote asap since I have a meeting shortly with my customer to decide on the project." Our sales team had the updated quote and revised plan back to him within a half-hour.

-Javier sent us pictures of the site with more information. A shorter pony wall would need some extra consideration as the final height of the catwalk, and the stairs differed from each other.

- Our CAD team suggested a solution at the top of the stairs: to combine two posts into one, "to have a continuous top rail from the stairs to the straight run."

- Javier thought one other post might be a good choice too. Vince came back with more advice, "It is a good idea to have two separate posts ... However, we highly recommend having the top rail on stairs connected ... it is unstable and unsafe to have all angle mounted posts with separate top rail."

- Our CAD team revised this new plan and got it back to Javier for confirmation. With a lead time of 1 week after the final approval of drawings, Javier was going to make his deadline!

Thanks, Javier,

You sure know how to build a house! The Seattle Bar System looks lovely in place. Call us again anytime!

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