Deck Railing System Options For Your Home

Cable railing is an effective solution for deck and staircase design. When exploring your options, you will find that there are a variety of choices suited to your lifestyle and living spaces. Inline Design offers a wide selection of stylish railing ranging from our popular Press and Latch System to our new Arcadia Railing. With these versatile railing options, you can create a personalized look, which suits both your style and property décor.

deck wire rail

Both glass and cable railing can offer an exclusive and luxury feel to interior and exterior areas. This system requires minimal maintenance. The mounting options of your railing range from posts, to spigots, to adapters.

The following are our most popular deck railing options to consider for your interior or exterior applications.

Traditional Cable Systems

Cable railing is ideal for creating a statement look for staircases. Its unobtrusive look offers the illusion of space and creates an open-plan feel. This unobtrusive open style of system is also perfect for exterior decks or balcony areas. This system is available in different mounting options, such as surface mount or side (fascia) mount.

There is also the choice of cable widths depending on the desired effect. This system lends itself to both round and square posts, and various fitting styles. Its stainless steel composition is sturdy, weather resistant, and low maintenance. Cable systems are fairly easy to install and are suitable for deck spaces, garden areas, poolsides, and staircases. 

deck cable railing

Bar Systems

If you are looking to add an industrial look to a contemporary space, our Seattle Bar System is an ideal choice. Inline Design Seattle Bar System creates a distinguished look with slim bar holders. 

patio bar railing

Square Glass Systems

This edgy and industrial design works perfectly for contemporary spaces. The Chicago Square Glass Railing System is made from square clamps, square tubes, and your choice of handrail style. The design of this system is ideal for opening up an area and enables you to soak up beautiful views. To merge this design with its surroundings, opting for no handrail creates maximum fluidity between living spaces and exterior areas.

glass railing

Floating Glass Systems

For the ultimate in unobtrusive views yet boasting a sharp design, a floating glass system is an ideal choice. This luxury effect has a simple and modern look. It is made possible by Inline Design Glass Adapter System, which holds the glass firmly in place for maximum safety.

There is also the option of handrail brackets if required. Another popular choice for extra peace of mind includes the Spigot Glass System. This sturdy modern pyramid design is ideal for balconies, rooftop patios, and garden deck areas.

Floating Glass Stair Railing Sytem

Round Glass Systems

The softer look of our Virginia Round Glass Railing Systems is perfect for a range of interior and exterior spaces. Its aesthetic is smooth and tasteful, creating a chic modern feel. The hardy stainless steel composition also provides incredible durability and easy maintenance after installation. This design is made from round stainless steel tubing and round glass clamps.

glass railing stairs

Flat Bar Railing System

The look of this innovative and chic railing system offers an exclusive feel to both interiors and exteriors. Inline Design offers the Arcadia Railing System as an affordable and durable solution of cable or glass railing. The Arcadia Railing is the premium choice for both residential and commercial properties.

flat bar cable railing system

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