C.Y.’s Use of Cable Railing in WA

Stainless steel cable railings are recommended for use in outdoor locations due to their durable and long-lasting properties. Capable of catering to commercial and residential areas, such railing assemblies serve spaces with organic styles and open layouts.

An example of a successful cable railing installation that utilizes stainless steel cable railings comes from Inline Design customer CY Lee. The cable railings, which incorporate our Arcadia System (with fascia mount posts), were set up along the outdoor balcony of Lee’s home in Washington.

Lee’s project required extended cable railing runs, serving as the boundary of outdoor balconies on two stories. Infills were made up of 10 horizontal stainless steel cables. To promote openness, the square posts were mounted on the outer surface of the structure (via a heavy-duty plate with four bolts). Inline Design fabricated corner posts at the location before installation. The top positions were stainless steel and seamlessly flowed with the rest of the railing components. All posts stood approximately 36”, with a natural finish to accentuate its polished features.

The stainless steel cable railing is a sleek addition to the wood foundation of the home. In maintaining the available features of the space, the elegant cables facilitate unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. Lee’s home project also highlights the use of metallic cable railings on rooftops. The benefits of installing stainless steel cable railing on rooftops include low maintenance, withstanding harsh outdoor elements, open views, and more. Stainless steel is a material known for its resilient features, allowing it to be used in areas with luscious and earthy landscapes.

The Inline Design Arcadia System is offered in kits consisting of pre-drilled and tapped posts, cable enders, cable tensioners, base covers, and other essential components (parts may vary, depending on the selected kit). Such products ensure fast and hassle-free installation at the site. This type of railing system accommodates cables or glass. Inline Design also offers clamps and other Arcadia System accessories. Custom cable railing services are available for projects with specific requirements.

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