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Contemporary Design Long-Term Solution

Stainless steel railings provide long-term solutions for residential homes and indoor spaces. This type of metallic railing not only ensures durability, but also features contemporary designs that are suitable for sleek interior styles and layouts. From a safety perspective, stainless steel is highly resistant to moisture, corrosion and debris. Taking these elements into consideration, this type of railing system is ideal for stairways, stages, decks, raised platforms, segregations, sectioning open floor plans and boundaries along entrances or exits. 

An example of a project that showcases the benefits of stainless steel railings inside residential properties comes from Michael DeLuca, an Inline Design customer. Michael was looking to install stainless steel railings along the entrance of a stairway on the second story of his home. Additionally, he needed a sturdy handrail solution for the stairs.

His project utilized the following Inline Design products and components:


  • Round top corner posts (Cable Railing Press and Latch System)
  • Round top end posts (Cable Railing Press and Latch System)
  • Round top middle posts (Cable Railing Press and Latch System)
  • Stainless steel round tubes
  • Stainless steel 1/8” cable wire rope
  • Tensioners (Cable Railing Press and Latch System)
  • Stainless steel handrail wall bracket (round)
  • Stainless steel base flange and cover
  • Stainless steel flush (90 degrees)
  • Round end caps


The railing system installed on the second floor of the home serves dual purposes. First, the railing provides a safety barrier along the open stairway. Next, it marks the boundaries of the exit leading to the stairs. Starting with the foundation of the railing assembly, stainless steel end, corner and mid posts were installed on the wood floor. Round covers were also added to protect the base of each post. Round top rails were directly mounted on the wall and secured on the posts.

Stainless steel cable wires serve as the infill of the system. The thin wires help preserve the transparent features of the assembly. This allows individuals walking up the stairs to see the next section of the home, prior to reaching the second floor. Furthermore, people on the second floor can see ongoing activities around the top section of the stairs with minimal effort. Opting for thin, stainless steel cable wires as the infill of the railing assembly may also promote spaciousness in the area.

Lastly, stainless steel round handrails were installed on one side of the stairway. This component, which guides individuals walking up and down the stairs, was directly mounted on the wall using stainless steel wall brackets. 

When installed inside homes, stainless steel railings can withstand mild cleaning solutions, humidity, light impacts and stains (from food or drinks). As a result, the material is recommended for handrails, posts and other essential railing components requiring structural integrity. In addition to residential spaces, stainless steel railing assemblies can be found in commercial buildings, public sites, industrial locations, beachfront properties and more. To ensure extended durability, individuals may apply a passivation solution to clean and seal the components.

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