Handrail Bracket - Gamma Quasar  New

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Handrail Bracket - Gamma Quasar

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In February of this year, now fully 10 months later, I am closing one of the greatest nightmares of my life. What started as a unremarkable venture, (building a deck to enjoy beautiful sunsets) has become a disappointment at virtually every turn.
My initial inquiry with InLine Design stated my objective, which was to add Stainless Steel to the glass panels I own for this purpose. Since I already owned the tempered glass, I had a specific defined size, and was building the deck to incorporate SS for it’s low maintenance qualities.
What I asked InLine Design to help with, was exactly what is advertised, a pre designed, pre cut, pre engineered deck rail and components that would avoid lengthy and expensive engineering, designing, and certification for building my department.
What I received differed from what I read, and been told in my several conversations in several ways;
1. I found today the rails which were included in my railing kit which has 14 rails, each of which were to be cut and finished to a length of 93”, were not cut to size, were of several lengths, all exceeding 93” needed. When I finally reached someone today at InLine Design, I was told the length was intentionally left uncut in length, Completely Contrary to what I was told by the sales person, along with the engineering associate I worked closely with for engineering and certification specifications which were furnished to the building department for approval.
2. Today, I found the 7 lower rails were not predrilled or tapped for assembly with the 14 glass supports which I purchased, received.
Because of shipping costs being a high portion of the overall costs, I asked the associate today for a referral to a shop here in Tucson, Arizona that could cut the 14 rails to appropriate length, and drill and tap, the 7 lower rails for attaching glass mounts as was originally ordered. The answer was that no shops were available, and that I would have to search out a firm, (and pay for it myself). The only shop she had any knowledge of was in Los Angeles, CA.

I understand it is difficult to train persons to be aware of all company policies, for that reason, I left a message for 3 separate departments. I have not heard directly from anyone from any of the departments which have received my request for help. Virtually every person I dealt with in the sale, from design to certifications has apparently resigned from your firm.
I operated my own company for over 25 years, and am very aware of the costs resulting from poor customer service, and accompanying customer ratings, especially in custom designed products such as yours in our Information Age. Please have someone of responsibility with authority contact me immediately
My intent is not to release my poor rating, but rather to receive your assistance in getting the parts as needed to construct my hand railing per the offering I accepted in my purchase.
A final mention, I like nearly all homeowners do not own or have training in operating the kind of saw needed to cut strong stainless steel such as I purchased, or to accurately drill and tap this steel!

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The Gamma Handrail Wall Bracket (U.S. Design Patent No.D781,688) is part of our new Quasar collection 

It is sleek and modern in design.

It benefits from our new properiatary interchangeable mounting mechanism (U.S Design Publication No. 2016/0377221) which makes it easy to mount to various surfaces such as Wood/Sheet Rock, Steel or Glass. 

Suitable for round or square/rectangular handrail tubing

  • 2 x M5 screws included to attach the bracket to a steel handrail 
  • Hex wrench
  • Saddle adapter for round top rail included, compatible for 1 1/2"-2" diameter handrail
  • 1 x Wall Bracket Screw/ Hanger Bolt included free of charge to mount to Wood or Sheet Rock 
  • Satin/Brushed finish
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316 marine grade suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • For mounting into concrete you would need to buy separately Lag Shield Anchors (3/8 in X 2-1/2 in)

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Mark - CA

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