Stainless Steel Round Flush Angle 135º
Stainless Steel Round Flush Angle 135º

Stainless Steel Round Flush Angle 135º


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A streamlined look is achieved with the use of flush fittings. Our component options ensure simple assembly and flexibility to accommodate any project. Our full line of flush fittings feature a 1" long sleeve for added strength and maximize the coverage when using epoxy adhesive. Made of ANSI 316 Stainless Steel the Flush Angle 135º is designed for 1.67" gauge 12 handrail tubing.

Our Flush angles and handrail tube fittings are design to have a seamless transition to our posts and and handrail tubes. Designed for a flush fit to provide you with a simple and clean way to join tubes together to meet meet the structural strength requirements for handrail, guardrails and ADA rails.

Installation is quick and easy, simply glue the ends with a high strength epoxy glue (i.e. JBWeld) and insert into your tube and leave to set

Round Tubing
    • Tube Outside diameter: 1.67”
    • Tube Inside diameter: 1.57”
    • Tube thickness: 0.102"
    • Dimensional Drawing
Square Tubing
    • Tube Outside dimensions: 1.57" x 1.57"
    • Tube Inside dimensions: 1.47” x 1.47”
    • Tube thickness: 0.102"
    • Dimensional Drawing
What is included in the kit?
    • (1) Fitting or Flush Angle or Fitting
    • Supports ADA requirements
    • For Commercial or Residential
    • ANSI 316 Stainless Steel
    • Finish ASTM A480 No 4 linearly textured satin finish

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Round Fittings: