Installing Stainless Steel Handrail Bracket Round Slim

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These instructions will provide step-by-step installation guidelines for installing the Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Round Slim, HBWA.006 into wood, drywall or sheetrock  

These brackets come with a wall bracket screw/hanger bolt to attach to the wall, and an M6 bolt to attach to a handrail

Brackets should be installed at a maximum spacing of 4’

Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves and breathing mask at all times   



Tools Required

  1. Stud-finder
  2. Handheld drill
  3. 3/16” drill bit
  4. 13mm wrench
  5. 2.5mm hex wrench
  6. M6x1.00 Tap










Part 1: Install the Wall Bracket

  1. Using a stud-finder, locate a stud and the vertical dimension on the wall you wish to place the bracket (on average this location is 31” up from the nose of your step depending on your county code and desired comfort).  Spot drill using 3/16” drill bit (this is true for wood or steel/metal stud)

  1. Loosen the 2.5mm hex screw enough on the underside of the main assembly to clear a few threads; this   will release the wall flange c                                         


  1. Place the wall flange (#2) over the machine threaded end of the wall bracket screw and use fingers to tighten   the screw



  1. Drive the assembled screw and flange into the hole and secure the lag end of the stud using a 13mm wrench


  1. Position the main assembly onto the mounted wall flange at the desired orientation and tighten the small    hex screw with a 2.5mm wrench.  Note: This bracket only tightens when fastened to the wall



  1. To connect to Inline Design steel tubes, insert the M6 bolt through the vertical portion of the main assembly    

Note: if affixing to a wooden handrail, customers will need to purchase lag screw to replace M6 bolt


Part 2: Attach to Handrail

For the strongest attachment to Inline Design tubing, we recommend attaching this bracket to a stainless steel handrail with M6 (3/16”) drill bit and corresponding tap. 

Note: Attaching to wooden handrails or other stainless steel tubing will require different method of attachment  e.g. drilling/tapping, refer to the manufacturer’s instruction to correctly attach


NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after some exposure to weather or salty conditions; we recommend using our passivation solution or a stainless steel polish to prevent surface corrosion; more information available on our Engineering Specs Page