Installing Stainless Steel Glass Adapter

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These instructions will provide step-by-step installation guidelines for installing the Glass Adapter.
This adapter comes with 2 round rubber gaskets, standoff column (30/40 mm), and the mounting sleeve (you will need to purchase the connection screw separately).

Glass Adapter should be installed with a maximum distance of every 4 feet.

Wear protective ANSI approved safety glasses, working gloves and breathing mask at all times 

Tools Required

1)  Drilling tool to go into wood/concrete

2)  1/4” drill bit

3)  Glass Adapter tool (purchase separately)

4)  Holes require on glass is 1” in diameter. 






1)  When using a 3/8” lag screw, spot drill using 1/4” drill bit, different mounting surfaces require different methods.

2)  Begin with only the mounting sleeve with the appropriate screw 

3) Twist the standoff column (#3) on to the sleeve. 

4) Insert the gasket #4, place the glass in place, then gasket #5, and then place cap #6 and screw in over the glass . The hole size on the glass is 1” diameter. recommend glass adapter tool to tighten the cap. 

5) Refer to these instructions to install Inline Design square or round tubing and additional hardware Note: If using a round handrail, position the round saddle adapter on top of the flat saddle before attaching handrails 

NOTE: A small amount of surface corrosion is not uncommon after some exposure to weather or salty conditions; we recommend using our passivation solution or a stainless steel polish to prevent surface corrosion