Stair Railing - Top Things to Consider When Installing cable railing

Cable railing systems are a stylish way to complement the interior and exterior of a property. The unobtrusive design and unique looks work with a range of décor, including modern, contemporary, and traditional themes.

A great way to update your home is by installing cable railing on your staircase. This part of the home is often overlooked, yet it can create a focal point with simple yet sophisticated design. For both small and large properties, cable railing can easily open up a space, and this popular railing option blends living areas and creates fluidity between different rooms in your home.

Aside from the aesthetics of this design feature, there are several elements to think about when installing a cable railing system on your staircase. Considering the materials, dimension specifications, and how it will be installed can help you create a safe and stylish look for your property.

Take a look at some of the key points when choosing and installing cable railing:

Choosing Railing Options

The style of cable railing will be dependent on your personal preferences and the area you are planning to install. There are a variety of options available that can be fitted by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. A popular look includes steel frames and industrial styling, which works perfectly for people wanting to achieve a contemporary theme. Other options feature cable railing with wood frames, creating a natural and subtle style. If your home is small, making the staircase an open and stylish feature can give the illusion of more space. Cable railing does this by taking away visual barriers and contributing to an open-plan feel.


Stair Railing



Stair Railing



Stair Railing


Planning your Cable Railing Installation

There are many elements to cable railing, but once you’ve covered the basics, implementing this unique feature can be straightforward. Cable railing can be a ‘Do It Yourself’ job or you can seek the help of a professional. Whichever way you decide to undertake this project, ordering the railing is the next step. If you have an idea in mind, Inline Design can produce cable railing to your specifications. Each part of the system is considered from the post and rail spacing to the end caps and post design.

Using step-by-step guidance and  providing detailed measurements can help you achieve a perfect railing system customized to your property.


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Installing Safe and Stylish Cable Railing

Installing cable railing is often perceived as a difficult task but if you have the right tools and guidance, creating the desired look is achievable. Like all new home projects, be sure to check the necessary requirements or regulations before you undertake the project, especially if you are installing an exterior railing system. Wearing protective clothing, gloves, and a breathing mask when fitting your system is also advised for extra peace of mind. 

There are a few steps to follow to ensure a successful installation and Inline Design has developed a handy guide to get you through the process. 

If you’re looking to install a new system, take a look at:

These simple yet effective documents guide you through each placement and fixture to ensure a safe and secure staircase system.


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Benefits of Professional Installation

Some people may prefer a professional installer for their cable railing system for that extra peace of mind. As railings are for safety, Jad Honein from Inline Design explains that “It’s advisable to get a professional because of this factor”. Jad also notes that “Handy DIY customers can install our products too, but to install an entire system for example, take our Arcadia System for instance, a welder is required since the top rail needs to be cut/mitered and welded on the job site.” 

Other railing options have top rails that can be screwed into position which reduces the need for a professional to undertake the work, if that’s what you prefer.

Cable railing is an effective and stylish way to compliment a home or business space and each design can be incorporated into your existing staircase with ease.