Deck Railing, Tips and Ideas To Inspire

If you're thinking of adding something different to your garden space, a deck is a versatile and stylish option. You plan how this area will look and incorporate some key elements before choosing the materials and aesthetics of the finished space. Some of the most important aspects include determining the best location in your garden for the design and deciding whether to create a ground-level or raised deck. Selecting materials and the finishing touches will help you get started on your deck construction when you have the initial design ideas.

Take a look at some of the top things to consider when undertaking a deck project:

deck railing stairs

Consider the Materials and Pattern

The deck is traditionally formed in clean, cut lines for an angular feel, but you also have the option of incorporating curved edges with specially cut wood. You can tailor the style to your space, and each design can work well in beautifully landscaped surroundings. Wooden decks are a popular choice, often coming in long plank designs and most favored for ease of installation. For a unique look, there is also the choice of deck tiles that can be laid in different configurations. These boards offer exciting design ideas and can be arranged in diagonal, horizontal, and chevron patterns. You can also create a framed effect with a contrasting tile arrangement.

Press and Latch Cable Railing Deck

Bring Color to The Space

You don't have to paint wood to incorporate color into a deck project to get the desired effect. The selection of composite deck materials enables you to choose different shades to suit the space. Plus, this durable material is ideal for an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and long-life option. Composite materials work in contemporary areas, in particular, matching perfectly with modern cable railing systems. This type of material is also ideal for multi-level decks and terraced style deck spaces, as it provides a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of slips or falls.

Of course, you can also choose the traditional option of staining and painting your wooden deck to get the desired look, which provides plenty of opportunities to blend your garden themes with the natural space.

deck railing and hot tub

Mix It Up With Different Materials

To add eye-catching elements to your deck railing project, deck areas can also look great when different materials are put together. Popular ideas include: edging to frame the space and incorporating paving slabs between the wood boards to create a beautiful contrast in the materials. You can also have artificial grass on your deck to blend it with the landscaped areas for more unusual options.

deck railing stainless Steel  cable railing

Finishing Touches With Cable Railing

A railing is another crucial step in completing the overall aesthetic if you're designing a deck project. Stainless steel cable railing creates a sleek and contemporary look and perfectly complements the appearance of a wooden deck. Installing this system is simple and offers you the chance to segment the area without intrusive barriers. A cable railing is also ideal for multi-level and raised decks, as it adds safety.

The different stainless steel cable railing designs allow you to tailor the look to your desired exterior styling. Popular systems include the press and latch cable system, as it is easy to install and doesn't require any special tools to construct. Its sleek look creates subtle design accents in your garden without overpowering the main features of your deck space.

To blend your deck into the natural spaces in your garden space, you have the option of choosing different cable sizes, depending on the overall look desired. Thinner cables are ideal for opening up the area entirely and providing the least amount of obstruction so you can admire your surroundings with ease. Thicker lines still provide this aesthetic but are more suited to higher-deck levels requiring a more visible safety element.

You can add a touch of unique style to your garden area with deck space, and many elements are easy to design and install for a statement look. There are many ways to personalize a deck project, and adding lighting, stylish furniture, and accessories will complement the space beautifully.