Special Home, Special Vision, Historic NC Restoration

Sometimes a client is searching with that particular vision in mind. The perfect touch to compliment a dream home they’ve worked so long to achieve. Many of our clients told us they searched for some time before finding what they thought to be the perfect solution in our products. This is a point of pride for Inline Design. We aim to match expectations with the result. To come balanced in equal parts safety and functionality. And to catch the eye. Minimalist design with a modern, durable touch – our railing systems fit clean and elegant within a wide range of environments.

Tony and his wife were renovating their home and came to us knowing just what they wanted. Inside a beautifully classic early-1900s building in the city center of Greenville, NC, they are surrounded by turn-of-the-century industrial design with original brick walls and wood throughout. The building’s lower exterior even features an olden-style pharmacy business and facade. For a home that is striking and unique, there is no room to settle for second-rate products.

They were looking for a railing system to go with their loft bedroom and a platform staircase with wooden treads. The staircase runs the entire length of the building from floor to rooftop deck and is an essential feature of their home. Our Chicago Square Glass Railing System with opposing Stainless Steel handrail was a match made in heaven. These glass railings are widely popular for their industrial appearance and inviting open feel. Looping in their General Contractor and Architect for assistance, Tony provided us with finely detailed Architectural & Engineering Diagrams, allowing our team to spec out their project with the utmost care and urgency before making a quote.

But there was one more location left to consider. The expansive personal rooftop deck needed a new cable railing system to cover the ledges and provide a safe, practical, and elegant option for guests and any admiring passers-by. A deck like this required a satisfactory solution: the celebrated Press and Latch Cable Railing System w/ Square Top Mount was the right part for the job. These heavy-duty metallic cables are durable, weatherproof, windproof, and naturally resistant to corrosion; these heavy-duty metallic cables are a sound decision for a long-lasting outdoor barrier.

Donnie from our sales team corresponded with Tony regarding further measurements needed, ensuring the correct quantity of attachment posts, and addressing a concern she had for the height of attachment points + the glass potentially being above the rise of the stairs. Inline Design recommends the length of the glass on the stairs not exceed ~4.5ft. Donnie recommended a Stainless Steel Spigot Square Pyramid Glass Clamp for the railing system ending at the top of the stairs. Modified to fit, this particular post would allow for the most flexibility to the shape of any glass around it and allow for the glass to be extended to match the height of the stair above.

No one could have foreseen our next hurdle. Hurricane Florence formed on the same day we sent them the finished quote! Construction had to be delayed slightly, but these winds weren’t going to stifle us for long! The installation did complete, and with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence now behind them, Tony said it had been a whirlwind since moving in, literally! After providing us with a set of fantastic photos of the completed work, we could see Tony’s project had become one of Inline Design’s most elaborate projects to date.

Tony and his wife told us they were so happy with our Chicago Square Glass and Press and Latch Cable Railing Systems; they couldn’t wait to show it off. A physician friend came through to see their new setup and promptly ordered a system for their own home. We’re delighted at how people feel when they see our finished product. If we’re ever in your neighborhood Tony, we may take you up on that offer to come to visit and see this beautiful new setup!

Enjoy your new renovations!

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