An Optimized Stainless Steel Cable railing in Washington

At Inline Design, we aim at providing an optimized solution. We believe that if it's not needed, it shouldn't be there. A case study to vouch for our philosophy is the project of stainless steel cable railing in Washington.

In this case study, the client had left it upon us to decide which cable railing would go with the rest of his home's interior the best and would fall within his budget. Now what most companies aim at is exhausting the budget and, at times, overrunning it too. However, we do neither of the two. We provide the best suitable, within-the-budget solution that meets our client's expectations.

Analyzing Client's Home Requirement & Suggesting The Best Cable Railing System

When the client sent us the pictures of his home and his budgetary limitations, we knew what we had to do. We suggested the Press and Latch cable railing system for the stairs and the balcony.

Not only does the system has a sleek and smooth look, but it also fits the client's budget and went perfectly with the rest of the interior enhanced its beauty.

Cable Railing Approval, Optimisation & Installation

We suggested the Press and Latch system on stairs and balconies because our systems require only one post on corners and top of the stairs, whereas other railing providers use two posts on corners and top of staircases.

This excessive utilization has two limitations. The first self-explanatory one is that it costs the client more. At times, it can also overrun the budget leading to the client shelling more than he expected. The natural outcome is client dissatisfaction.

The second much more subtle limitation is that the two posts obstruct and destroy the view. This last is, at times, more important for the client who wouldn't want to compromise with the look and feel of his home. Again it results in client dissatisfaction.

Final Feedback & Our Gratitude

Once the installation was complete, the client couldn't believe his eyes. He was so impressed with our cable railing system that he couldn't hold himself back, saying,

"I was expecting a substandard product considering the strict budgetary conditions I had imposed on you guys; however, the results are mind-boggling. You guys did the most out of least and did it well. I am glad that I looked nowhere else once I came across your company. Other companies had made it look impossible to get a beautiful cable railing system within my budget limitations, but you guys made me proud. I will recommend you to all my friends and family."

We were so grateful that the client acknowledged our hard work. Nothing mattered to us more. We are in the cable railing business, not just to profit from the client's lack of industry knowledge. We are here to serve value, and that's what we aim for with every new project.

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