Remodeling Your Deck with Cable Railing

Decks are a popular option for exterior areas, and they can help make use of spaces in a garden that may be uneven or sloping. Raised decked areas can also level out a surface and provide a solid foundation for outdoor dining and entertaining. This feature in your exterior space can be tailored to the themes and décor of your garden area.

Wood deck is a popular choice for gardens, as it blends beautifully into the surroundings and creates fluidity between indoor and outdoor living spaces. If you already have a deck, it might require some revamping to bring it back to life. With some simple remodeling and upgrades, you can change the aesthetics and incorporate new themes into your garden.

There are few steps to get your deck looking fabulous, plus you can also incorporate some handy modifications with cable railing to give it a new look.

Check out the best ways to remodel your deck area to bring fresh and modern styles to your garden.

Cable railing ideas for you deck

Cleaning Your Deck

Decks are a versatile feature for exterior spaces, but over time, they can weather can take its toll on the appearance of the wood. By cleaning it, repainting, and finishing the surface, you can get it looking as good as new with some simple steps.

If the wood is still in relatively good condition, cleaning it will save you the cost of a total replacement. Doing this first will invigorate the surface of the wood and remove any algae, moss, and stains before you begin painting. Using a gentle deck cleaner and some essential tools will help you lift surface marks and residue so the paint will glide on smoothly.

Pressure washers are great for removing dirt and grime without the use of chemicals. Before you start to paint or treat the area, be sure to wait 24 hours to dry.

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Repainting the Deck

The beauty of the deck is that it can be tailored to the look of your garden area. With the vast number of colors and tints available for wood, you can make this space unique to your property. There are a number of ways to apply stains or paint, depending on how large the deck area is. Popular choices include painting with a large brush, roller, paint pad, or for extensive areas, using a paint sprayer is a practical solution.

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Replacing Wood Rails with a Cable Railing System

To give your deck a new look, choosing cable railing is a great option. Stainless steel cable railing is ideal for offering a sleek and unobtrusive feature in your garden space, plus it easily complements your wood deck design. You can opt for a full cable railing system with posts and rails, or take advantage of an existing wood top rail with a contemporary railing feature.

Cable railing works in many exterior areas and complements both traditional and modern property themes. This type of system opens up space with subtle segmentation in your garden. This option is also great for introducing an outside-in living space, as it enables you to soak up your property’s natural areas without bulky pillars or barriers in your eye line.

Installing a cable deck railing system is also quite simple and provides a cost-effective way to update your decked area without a full replacement.

Fascia Mount Cable Railing on a deck

Caring for Your Deck

After you’ve carried out the remodeling work, keeping this space in top condition will ensure it looks as good as new for years to come. The beauty of using cable railing for your deck is that the stainless steel composition is low-maintenance, so you only have to focus on keeping the wood looking great all year round. There are a few simple things you can do to keep it clear and free from residue, including:

  • Sweeping the area regularly to remove leaves and dirt
  • Elevating pots and plants to avoid water staining from the pot base
  • Washing down the deck after the winter months to reduce slippery surfaces and mold build-up
  • Tightening any cables to prevent sagging

Decks can take your exterior space to another level and offers you the chance to enjoy this area throughout the year. By using a mix of materials and combining the natural texture of wood with the contemporary feel of stainless steel, you can create a unique feature with a tailored design.

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