Vintage Design & Cable Railing In A Mid Century Home

Inline Design has never let its clients down. No matter how difficult a project seems, we rise to the challenge and deliver. We are proud to present a case study on blending new fittings into a vintage architectural design. Looking by the face value, it is just a project of installing a Cable railing in a mid-century home; however, the challenges of blending the steel fittings into the overall design and improving the same were immense.

So, let us walk you through this fantastic achievement of ours, and you can gauge our expertise through the case facts.

THE HOME: A Mid Century Architectural Emblem

Gazing around Robert and Janet's backyard, it's apparent they've taken the time to make it something special. This mid-century brick home is surrounded by a lavish yard abundant in perennial shrubs, topiaries, flowers, and tall trees. A hexagon checkerboard patio underfoot directs your curiosity around the rock gardens where peaceful statuary awaits.

THE DECK: This Is Where Cable Railings Come Into The Picture

When Robert came to us, he was installing the brand new cedar wood deck himself. Two opposing decks rise, meeting the house, a large pavilion in the middle to offer a place to rest protected and enjoy the natural splendor.

With a yard like this and a deck like this, there was simply one thing missing. The stage was set once more for Inline design to deliver. This family needed a complete cable railing system to emerge from the box, matching the kind of quality they came to expect in their own home.

THE PREPARATION: Client Interaction & Developing The Perfect Solution

Robert and Janet wanted a company that stood behind its products, supporting the customer throughout the entire install. For this, a standard railing purchased at the local hardware store would not do.

While Robert installed his new deck, our team worked with him to refine the order. Robert was installing cable railings for his stairs; if this is something you are also considering, please see our article: "Cable Railing: The Ultimate Guide".

We guided Robert to fill out the "Stairs Measurement Request Form" giving our CAD team the necessary information to specify measurements for a final railing design appropriately. Once that is done, we send along these CAD designs for final approval.

THE ORDER: Supplying The Final Customized Product

Once the designs were approved, we took it upon ourselves to deliver the customized products at the earliest. The deck was fenced using the below products that we instantly supplied to the client.

  1. Square, Top Mounted at 36″ Height - Press and Latch Cable Railing System
  2. Base Covers - Slim Covers for Square Posts
  3. 108.5′ of square Handrail Tube
  4. End caps - Square and Threaded
  5. Flush Angles - Adjustable & 90 degree
  6. 984′ of AISI 316 1x19 – Cable

We understand that installation can be overwhelming, so we forwarded Robert installation links and guides before shipping. This gave him time to understand the product and clear his doubts.

We even supplied a picture of their ready-to-go freight shipment and a page with shipping information, including the tracking number, to ensure that all his required products were included in the shipment without fail. He could quickly locate or track them while they were in transit.

THE RESPONSE: Client Satisfaction Is The Essence Of Our Service

We stood by our client through every step. Even though Robert got all the installation instructions, we never shied away from helping him out in the process. We do this for all our clients because we consider it part of our services, even though we contract only for the supply of material. Going this extra mile always leaves the client content and makes him our repeat customer.

Below was the verbatim of the client's appreciation for our services:

"Overall, my wife and I are very pleased with your product, the team's assistance, and the final result. Keep me in mind if you have another customer in Michigan who may need help getting past the learning curve."

After such praise, all we can say is that we feel accomplished. You are too kind, Robert! We hope you enjoy the new railing system for many decades to come. Look at these pictures… what a lovely deck, peaceful among the Michigan wilds.

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