Cable Railing System In Michigan: The Deck & Porch Application

We at Inline Design are well experienced in Porch and Deck applications of the railing system. One of our pet projects was uniting the new addition of the house to the old existing building. We accomplished this through our cable railing in Michigan. Below are the case facts of the challenges and successful completion.

Challenge At Hand: Uniting New Addition Through Steel Cable Railing System

Our client approached us to assist her in uniting the new addition to her lakeside home in Michigan. The challenge here was that the new addition should blend in with the existing building without giving away the secret.

Our Solution: San Francisco Stainless Steel Cable Railing System

We immediately took up the challenge and suggested how the Inline Design stainless steel cable railing system would be the perfect solution to wrap around the new porch, uniting it to the original home.

We provide only the best quality solutions, and this case study is a perfect example of it. The brushed satin finish on the highest quality marine grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel perfectly highlights the bluestone deck.

Client Satisfaction: We Envision How To Highlight The Beauty Of A Lakeside Property

We suggested the stainless steel cable railing system because we understood that the most critical aspect of any lakeside property is the calm and soothing lake view.

This 42″ high cable railing stays in scale with the home without taking away a single drop of the lovely lake view.

Our Expertise With Waterside Properties

We were delighted to satisfy our client in enhancing the beauty of her lakeside property and uniting the new addition without taking away the lakeside beauty.

We are proud to say that Lakeside, oceanside, or poolside, Inline Design Stainless Steel railing systems provide enhanced corrosion resistance. They are perfect for outdoor application as they are weather resistant.

You can check out our Passivating Kit if you have an existing cable railing system installed. It is the perfect solution for cleaning and sealing stainless components.

Further, you can even think of getting our railings installed within the interior of your home. Please have a look at how well they go with the interiors too. Here’s Rebecca’s loft application.

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