Hybrid cable and glass railing system with Blended Stairs

At Inline Design, we are constantly evolving. We strive to come with unique combinations that satisfy our client's expectations and have a high degree of functionality. Before the current hybrid cable and glass railing system in Missouri, we had only used a hybrid approach in Indiana.

Unlike the Indiana project, we didn't have separate interior and exterior railing in the current project. We had to come with a blended stairs cable railing system for Roger's home, and we took up the challenge and created a masterpiece. Below are the case facts.

Understanding Roger's Staircase Expectations: Brainstorming on the perfect mix

Roger had finally finished the construction of his dream home. He and his family had chosen every item in their home on their own and just the way they liked it. He couldn't compromise on anything but the best for the cable railing system for the indoor stairs. However, he didn't want anything ordinary.

His home meant everything to him, and he wanted the best of everything. His wife wanted a glass railing, while he preferred a cable railing. They could not come to a consensus, and that's when they asked for our advice.

Developing The Interior Staircase Hybrid Solution

We had experience with both glass and cable railing systems individually, but we had not come up with a mix of both designs until now. It was a challenge for us, but we never shy away from challenges when it is a question of client satisfaction.

We were aware the cable railing system could withstand exterior weather conditions, so it was natural that they would be perfect for indoor application. Now the only thing that remained to be sorted out was the design aspect.

Our in-house design team spent the night developing the perfect mix for the hybrid project. We came up with the CAD for a few working options. Now, all we needed was Roger and his family's approval.

Approval, Installation & Final Feedback On The Hybrid Staircase Railing System

After looking at the working option drawings, Roger chose one design with a glass and cable railing hybrid for his house. He decided on a cable railing system for the landings and glass for the steps.

He chose our very popular Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Round for Flat and Round Tube for the wall handrails.

The entire system met all the desires of the family. They were so impressed with our solution that they even went on to say, "Inline Design is always ready to give you the best possible solution that meets your expectations. We as a family were not able to come to a consensus, but Inline Design showed us the way through the hybrid glass and cable railing system. Now whoever comes to our home can't help himself by asking where we got the railings done. We proudly say Inline Design is the one-stop solution for all your creative railing needs."

Our Learning & Gratitude: Taking the Hybrid To the Next Level Was a Boon For Us

Many companies stick to their laurels of pre-developed solutions. They don't give room to creativity. However, at Inline Design, we never miss out on an opportunity of reinventing what we have. We know that a moment's hard toil will reap many benefits in the future.

Taking up Roger's project was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only were we delighted to serve him well, we even developed an excellent product for our prospective clients. We hope that many in Missouri and other parts of the country will want our new and improved version of the hybrid glass and cable railing system.

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