Adorned With Our Elegant Glass Railing Systems

Inline Design’s railing systems and handrail brackets are suitable for a wide range of modern buildings, including churches. Today, we’ll showcase how our Virginia Round Glass Railing System and Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets contribute to places of worship, allowing such locations to cater to numerous church-goers in a comfortable, safe manner.

Our customer success story starts with Peter, a first-time Inline Design customer, contractor, and active member of his local church. Based in Washington, the building required elegant, sleek railings to complement various sections of the facility. Peter installed the stainless steel railings with glass panels and supporting brackets along stairways, indoor balconies, and the center stage. In addition to looking great, the railing system needed to be functional, often serving as safety barriers and segregations across different parts of the building.

Inline Design entered the project after the architects noticed our brand from the blueprint. With support from the priest and community, Peter got in touch with our sales department and provided the project’s specifications.

Peter’s order included 63 posts and 66 Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets. Below highlights how he incorporated the components with the building’s interior space:

  • Stairways: Stainless steel railings supported by rounded Redshift Quasar Handrail Brackets help individuals walking up and down the stairs. Peter also installed glass panels near the entry and exit points of the stairway to ensure a smooth transition from the steps to the ground.
  • Indoor balconies: Glass railing systems served as transparent barriers. On some balconies, raised Peter installed stainless steel supports with top horizontal railings to ensure safety.
  • Stage: Stainless steel railings and non-transparent panels were set up to segregate the multi-level background choir from the center podium.

After Peter placed the order, our helpful sales rep guided him through several requirements to streamline the installation process. Inline Design advised Peter to gather or purchase various tools, including a small drill press, bandsaw, or chop saw with a steel blade. Going beyond setting up the order, our sales rep also visited the site to check on the installation. It took time to answer questions Peter’s crew had about the railing system and handrail brackets.

Inline Design customized all posts on the stairs to match the features and layout of the interior space. The components were rounded for a sleek, polished look. The entire system adheres to relevant local and national building codes (checked by an inspector) from a compliance perspective. Inline Design’s lead time was less than two weeks for Peter’s project. We offered and provided comprehensive support at critical parts to facilitate a smooth installation at the site.

Overall, we consider this project a huge success. The stainless steel system made a lasting impression on church members, resulting in positive feedback and compliments. Peter recommended our products and is working on another job involving our stainless steel railings for a local church. Thank you, Peter!

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