Commercial Glass Railing on the Lonestar Building in WA

When the Lonestar Building's owners needed a new railing, their team knew just what to do: call Inline Design!

The Lonestar team knew that Inline Design is the most reliable name in railings. They had heard from commercial property managers, interior designers, and homeowners for over a decade that the Seattle-based company was number one in safety and affordability in cable and glass railings.

While consulting Inline Design's website the team was immediately struck by the beauty of the Arcadia system. Its combination of the visual elegance of glass with the safety and security of stainless steel had them enthralled. But they were also cautious: the team knew that projects like this often suffer from expensive setbacks.

Wanting to know more, the team leader picked up his phone and called 425-405-5505. Once he had spoken to Inline Design's team of railing professionals, his concerns turned to excitement. They listened to him! Their employees were knowledgeable and friendly; they even recommended customizations based on his building's unique quirks.

Once the Arcadia Glass Railing System became the precise solution for the Lonestar's needs, Inline Design went to work. Their CAD team created a perfect model of the Lonestar building's stairway. Meanwhile, the Lonestar team consulted City Hall and learned about height regulations for railings in their state. They decided on a fascia mounted at 42" height with a handrail on the side at 36" height on the stairs to meet the local commercial building code. The CAD team created a visualization of what the railing would look like once installed.

At that moment, the Lonestar team leader knew that he had made the right decision. He made one more phone call. The Arcadia system was on its way! Inline Design estimated when the railing would be delivered and kept him in the loop when developments occurred during the process.

Soon, the Arcadia system arrived. Installation was a snap. With the help of a welder and a group of professional glass-setters, the Lonestar team worked together to get the railing functional. The job went much faster and easier than anticipated, and Inline Design was on the line any time questions arose.

When the team stepped back to admire their handiwork, they were stunned at how quickly and efficiently they had gone from planning what could have been a large, challenging project to seeing their task completed in front of them. A job well done.

Today, customers who visit the Lonestar building often comment on the beauty of their Inline Design Arcadia railing. Lonestar's exterior is enhanced by its attractive, clean design. When colleagues ask what to do when they need a railing, the team knows how to answer: call Inline Design!