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Arcadia Bar Cable Railing was Ingrid’s AZ Dream

Imagine: you have a gorgeous wooden wrap-around deck, with coordinating wooden stairs going up to it. It’s a new addition to your home, adding more living and entertaining space. As you sit on this deck, you have a beautiful view of vast forest-green trees and rolling mountains.

You understand that every deck requires an essential element of safety. You don’t want any people or animals taking one wrong step and falling off the deck, nor do you want to ignore any international, national, or city code*, which is why you know you must look into a railing for this beautiful new deck.

However, you do not want to obstruct the surrounding views with a bulky railing without any visual appeal.

This describes the situation for Ingrid, which is why she reached out to Inline Design in September 2018.

The initial interaction began with a phone call, speaking with one of the sales team members at Inline Design.

On September 5, Inline Design sent an email follow-up to that phone call to Ingrid, and the rest began falling into place from there. Ingrid sent pictures of her seamless and beautiful wooden design, featuring the impeccable bordering green and tan Arizonian landscape and necessary measurements.

The next step was to figure out the best style and material for the railing. Inline Design proudly offers a vast array of cable, glass, and stainless steel options with round and square edges to make for different aesthetics.

Deciding on the best railing option involves careful listening and consideration of the needs. It wants the customer — which exterior or interior design elements they want to complement in this specific space? What is their style? What is the type of their home — modern or traditional? Do they have pets or young children enjoying the area?

Sometimes, the customer does not know what they need and want in the space before coming to Inline Design. This was the case for Ingrid, and the Inline Design team gladly assisted her in figuring out what was best for fluidity with the natural elements, her style, and the specific deck space.

The best railing style for Ingrid turned out to be the exclusive Arcadia Cable Railing System (patent pending), with flat bar top rails.

The Arcadia system also offers safety and sturdiness, making it the best and most affordable and practical choice offered by both Inline Design and the market as a whole.

There are floor and side mounting options available, and customers have heights of 36 or 42 inches to choose from. The railings are forged with 1 (3/4) x (5/8) in. bars. The system is easy to install, though you may also opt for a professional installation.

The Arcadia system also offers safety and sturdiness, making it the best and most affordable and practical choice offered by both Inline Design and the market as a whole.

Once a rough idea of the desired effect and look of the Arcadia Cable Railing System was achieved for Ingrid, a price quote from the sales team began.

Operating on a foundation of transparent, consistent, and timely communication with every customer from the beginning, Ingrid was given the initial quote on September 7. In that same email, Inline Design mentioned that the price might fluctuate.

Initial quotes from the sales team are usually a rough estimate. The CAD team then comes into play, finishing a drawing and showing that the customer may need additional posts or parts, such as cable fittings or custom work. This is how and when the price fluctuates.

In most situations, Inline Design doesn’t charge for minor custom work, but since Arcadia is a new system, a few additional parts would need to be customized.

On September 13, it fluctuated to a higher price, as Ingrid needed a few more posts in some places. But there was some good news to offset this new higher price: a free shipping rebate.

When the process reached its tail-end on September 26, the CAD team sent Ingrid over the final information to be signed off. A final total was a good in-between of the initial quote of September 7 and the fluctuated quote of September 13.

Not long after, Ingrid’s Arcadia railing was gracing the perimeter of her new deck.

While the customer can install the Arcadia system, Inline Design recommended getting the help of a professional or individual with welding experience, as Ingrid did, as the top bar has to be welded to the posts.

Overall, Ingrid was pleased with the process of receiving and the outcome of her railing system.

While needs and wants vary from customer to customer, key points remain the same with each interaction with Inline Design: transparent, consistent, and timely communication.

Key points remain the same with the design of each railing system, as well. Each system allows for fluidity, openness, and versatility.

*Customers are encouraged to call their local city for information about their local building codes. City building codes supersede national building codes. Inline Design is not liable for any code non-compliance.

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