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Debating about Round or Square? Why choose one when you can choose both?!

Debating about round or square?  Why choose one when you can choose both?!  Indulge your creative side and mix and match our products for your best fit.  Our sales and production teams will advise you to the best of our ability, but this is your space and we think you should run with it!

Vartanov chose to install a 36″ San Francisco Square cable railing system with a round tube on his beautiful balcony.  Our cable does not impose on the landscape, but truly make a statement here!  With the railings installed, this balcony becomes a perfect place to admire the pool or starry sky all year long.

Here’s a Tip: The maximum distance between 36″ posts is 5 feet.  42″ posts should only be installed with a 4 foot span between them.  Check out out the San Francisco Engineering Specifications for more information.

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