To Cover the Base or Not: That Is the Question!

To cover the base or not: that is the question!  It’s one of the most common question customers ask us, and here we have a photo that clearly demonstrates what the mounting plate looks like with and without the cover.  Both round and square base covers are 11/16″ in height.  They smartly cover posts where bolts would otherwise be exposed.  Some customers do prefer the more industrial look of the mounting plate itself – this is a design choice.

It’s all about choice with our systems, and there are infinite choices to be made.  This Massachusetts porch was made complete by the popular 36″ Miami Round cable railing system.  With 10 spans of 3mm cable running between posts, this is a great option for cable railing that works on virtually every application.  See another example of the Miami system using square posts and handrails in Duane’s California home.

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