“This Railing Was Designed and Built by Two Sisters Who Are 64 and 66 Years Old"

Karen told us we we could share this information: “This railing was designed and built by two sisters who are 64 and 66 years old.  That should encourage the most timid DIYer.  We love our railing”

Our systems are entirely component based.  We believe this encourages customizable systems that suit the needs of your space.  This project used our 42″ Miami Round fascia posts, a versatile and industrious cable system that just won’t quit!  Our fascia corner posts are available for inside and outside corners, which allow you to reduce the number of posts needed for a project.  See what these posts look like in a straightaway interior landing.

Staff Tip:  Fascia post height is measured from their clearance of the surface to the top of the handrail.  Fascia posts are meant to be installed 1″ below the mounting surface.  Our engineering specificationdocuments are an important place to start in understanding your system!

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