These Are The Minimalist Stairs Dreams Are Made Of.

These are the minimalist stairs dreams are made of.  Thomas chose the clean lines of Inline Design’s proprietary Miami Round cable railing to offset his floating wood tread stairs.  Our 36″ Stainless Steel Railing Systems Stair posts come each with 8 eye bolts/terminals/tensioners for the spans of cable that will run between posts, as well as the cone handrail bracket that perfectly supports the Stainless Steel Round Tube.  The saddle bracket that affixes to the cone handrail bracket is adjustable on stair posts to account for various angles and variants.  Get a closer look here or here.      

Staff Tip: Our products and systems are component-based.  Each product detail page outlines what comes with the product you’re ordering.  Note that when purchasing posts for our cable systems, the cable, base covers, and tubes must be purchased separately.  Review your cart carefully before checking out, or give us a call to review your order!

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