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The Natural Light of This Hawaiian Home Is Absolutely Amazing

The natural light of this Hawaiian home is absolutely amazing.  This home is warm and welcoming.  We feel that island breeze all the way in the Seattle winter.  The warm red tones of the wooden handrail are incorporated beautifully with the beams and flooring of this home.  The landing appears to stretch for miles!  Our satin brushed finish looks amazing here in its simplicity.

The custom system fabricated for Jobst’s home shows off the Miami Square cable railing system.  Rather than use stock posts, Inline Design fabricated holes for only three spans of cable from end to end using a barebone 36″ square post.  From floor to handrail, this is a single span of cable per 9-inches.

It is the responsibility of Inline Design customers to comply with local, national, and international building code, so please use the resources available to you before making a similar choice.  This is a design aesthetic not available to all projects due to code restrictions, but one that certainly pays off!

We recommend reviewing our installation instructions page so that you and your installer become familiar with this information.



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