Client Success Stories

Luxurious Application of Stainless Steel Cable Railings
Step right up this multi-level deck.  This exterior application of stainless steel is absolutely luxurious.  Starting with the inset lighting on the decking, this is an outdoor living space done right.  This Miami Square fascia system transitions seamlessly up two levels...
Martin – CA
All the architectural features of this staircase are square and rectangular without appearing severe or harsh.  The beautiful wood flooring against the modern white are classic and simple.  Notice the wall cutout as well – we love this special detail!...
Chris – AB, CAN
This Alberta home could double as a live-in art gallery for all its beautiful features.  Where cable might detract from the open layout, glass maintains the continuous flow of the space from the kitchen to stairs leading to the lower level....
Tina’s Stair Railing Using Seattle Bar
Stainless Steel railings are great additions to stairways and extended hallways inside homes or commercial buildings. When serving as safety barriers, the assemblies provide guidance for individuals passing up and down the busy sections of the space. Additionally, stainless steel...
Mark – WA
A rooftop deck is perhaps one of our favorite places to see our products – 316 stainless steel stands out in its ability to withstand rainy weather and corrosion.  The steel mimics the sky in these photos!  The decision to use our Chicago...
Samarov – IL
Samarov chose our Seattle Bar System with wood posts and the Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Square on the stairs for his house in Illinois  
Luke – FL
 Luke chose our Seattle Bar railing system for the kitchen and entry of his house in Florida  
Square Handrailing creates a modern look instantly
  Bradley chose our Handrail Wall Bracket Square for Flat Bottom Tube Slim for the stairs of his house along with our square tubing.