Stuart – AZ


We all know the desert for its extreme climate.  Our AISI rated 316 stainless steel stands up to inclement weather of all kinds, making it an excellent choice for a variety of geographical locations.  Including beautiful, sunny Arizona!

Stuart wanted an additional handrail to transition down the angled steps of his home.  To ensure that the handrail extended over the pony wall required astute support by our production team.  In lieu of our handrail brackets, this project came together by using the Stainless Steel Tube Adapter on both the post and handrail, and a short cut of round tube on each side of a Stainless Steel Flush Angle 90 degree.

Here’s a Tip: Some of our brackets can only be mounted onto a standard wood or sheet rock wall surface.  Others, like the Luminous Quasar and Redshift Quasar can be mounted directly onto square or round posts, and even glass.

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