Stephen – CA

The following is quoted from Stephen yelp review “my wife and I decided to replace storm-damaged wooden rails and balustrades with stainless rails and 1/2 inch thick, low iron tempered glass. We researched locally and found solutions which were expensive but not elegant and lead time was unacceptable. Inline Design provided a great solution. We chose the facia mounted, “Virginia Round” style with railing as our two balconies are very high and the “with rail” option feels right and the local Marin County building department felt it was a good thing to do.
The employees at inline design are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. All of the components arrived a few days after ordering without any expedited shipping. The product is gorgeous type 316 stainless, much more corrosion resistant than we need but definitely appropriate in more extreme corrosive environments.
Our contractor, glass provider and building inspector were flat-out complimentary about the flexibility of the system and the structural integrity of the finished product and the finished appearance as well. We are just really pleased. The view now is incredible.”

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