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Sophisticated, Cohesive, and Industrial styles in Washington

A rooftop deck is perhaps one of our favorite places to see our products – 316 stainless steel stands out in its ability to withstand rainy weather and corrosion.  The steel mimics the sky in these photos!  The decision to use our Chicago Square glass railing system without a top rail allows the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature to shine.

The square handrail following coolest, and most unique stair treads we’ve ever seen is mounted using our Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Square Magnetar, (U.S. Design Patent No. D806,524) for a standout design.

Near the exterior gate was installed a sleek top mounted handrail system on concrete.  Mark opted not to use a cable or glass system but instead a baritone 36″ Stainless Steel Railing Systems Square Post affixed with a Stainless Steel Pyramid Handrail Bracket for Square Post to support the square tube handrail.

Despite the use of glass, wall mounted handrail, and top mounted handrails, the whole system looks sophisticated, cohesive, and industrial.

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