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Sean Uses Cable Railing for his Balcony and Stairs in his CA Home

Stainless steel cable railing systems cater to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. For homes, cable railings provide structural support for porches, stairs and walkways. When installed along stairways, versatile metallic railings ensure safety, while maintaining a sleek, modern appeal. An example of this type of cable railing project comes from California-based Sean, an Inline Design customer. 

Sean’s cable railing system, which was installed along a residential stairway, suits the naturally brightconditions of the home. The cylindrical top rails are smooth, shiny and easy to clean. Moreover, the thin stainless steel cables promote openness within the space.

Stainless steel handrails can be accessed for guidance and safety at the top section of the stairway. Rigid wall brackets support the handrails at this section of the stairs. The bottom section contains stainless steel top railings (secured to the wall using pivot mounts) with angled stainless steel cables on both sides. The stainless steel cables were mounted directly to the wall during installation. At the end of the stairway, slim metallic posts facilitate support for the cables and top railings. The end posts were secured to the first step of the stairs. 

Sean’s stainless steel cable railing system consists of the following components:

At the early stages of the project, Inline Design provided guidance and answered questions about railingconfigurations. Sean’s personal preferences, earthy modern style of the space and functionality of the railing assembly were all taken into consideration for this project. The stairway did not incorporate any turns or complex segregations, making installation straightforward. 


In addition to residential spaces, this type of cable railing assembly would also work with commercial buildings, offices, lobbies, residential rooftops, beachfronts/docks and more. For outdoor cable railings installed in saltwater environments, individuals may opt to use marine-grade stainless steel with corrosion resistant properties (such as 316 or 316L stainless steel). 

Inline Design offers numerous types of stainless steel cable railing systems. For more information about cabling railing products and customization services, please visit our website.

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