Roger – FL

Yet another project in a brand new, mansion style home! There are some special features in this project not seen to the untrained eye.

A top-mounted Chicago Square system climbs the stairs.  The square glass clamps mimic the contemporary space without unnecessary adornment.  Rather than install a top rail on the stairs, Roger installed Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Round for Flat and Round Tube that have the compatibility to mount directly onto the steel posts.  This style of bracket, as with many of ours, can be mounted to wood, sheet rock, steel, or glass and will come with the appropriate hardware when you make the product selection.

Round tubes adorn and frame the panels on the landing, a combination that softens the hard corners of the design, adding to it’s appeal.  When using glass systems, we recommend installing the stainless steel before ordering your panels – it will result in your most accurate measurements and the best result!

Check out the Vartanov-CA gallery for an exterior application of a similar system.

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