Robert – TX

Is your house looking tired and dated? A contemporary look can suit houses both big and small. Modernise yours by investing into a sleek and simple stainless steel cable railing. That’s what Robert decided by choosing our Miami Square Cable Railing sitting on our welded square pivot flange and having the cables die into the ceiling. On the other hand, the handrail got attached to the ceiling using our round pivot flange.

He decided to use our Luminous Quasar Handrail Bracket(U.S. Design Patent No. D787,302) for the wall handrail to match the style of his railing. The result was continuous beauty and elegance added to the flair of his remodeling.

You don’t need a complete overhaul to change the design of your stairs, modernisation is just a few clicks away… all you need is to let your interests dictate the space around you in a thoroughly modern way!

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