Riti’s Stair Railing Creates a Major Design Element in CA

Working through an extreme home renovation can be very stressful. From the detailed planning to the precision in the execution, having a streamlined plan to complete each part of the renovation is key! That’s why Riti of the sunny state of California called Inline Design to take care of her staircase railing from beginning to end! 

Partnering with industry experts to get the job done

In October, Riti wanted to kick off the project by getting a contractor out to measure her staircase railing. She worked closely with James C., one of our trusted partners, to take a look at the space, take some measurements and spend some time really getting to know Riti and what she was looking for in a dream staircase railing system.  It didn’t take long for James to find out that Riti was doing more than just updating her staircase railing, but she was also gutting the majority of the home to install beautiful hardwood floors, adding new coats of paint and jazzing up her space with some updated furniture. 

James knew right then and there that Inline Design had the exact staircase railing system that would pull the entire home together and be a major topic of conversation during family visits and casual gatherings. 

James took his time asking all the right questions to inquire about Riti’s style and aesthetic tastes, along with her general wants and needs and continuously reported back to us to ensure we could meet her needs.

After some deliberation, James recommended Riti purchase our square posts with ½” thick glass for our Chicago Square Floor Mounted System and Stainless Steel Square Glass Clamp mounts.  

This was the best choice for Riti as this staircase railing system would absolutely add some great value to her house! We knew that Riti could really enjoy the aesthetics of this design and if she were to ever sell her home, this would definitely drive up the value and asking price for her beautiful property and could potentially offset the cost of the renovation! 

Riti’s local building code actually required the railing system to be 36” on the stairs and 42” on the straight runs near the top of the staircase, so James made sure to write up the order to match for these codes. Riti also liked a smooth line of glass with no top rail near the top of the stairs, so James made sure to add that detail into his initial quote write-up. This was all the information we needed to get Riti and James a precise CAD drawing of the proposed staircase railing system. 

Keeping an open line of communication to ensure perfection

Over the next month, emails were exchanged between James and our Inline customer support staff to ensure Riti’s measurements and design intent. By early December, a final quote was sent out, along with a copy of our return policy. Riti and James approved the order and within a matter of days, their custom staircase railing system order was sent to our amazing production specialists! 

Within the next few weeks, Riti’s order was processed, carefully constructed and triple checked for quality and then shipped out, along with a long list of resources for James to use if he needed any assistance with installing railing posts with glass clamps, from glass clamp installation PDFs to how-to videos. 

The finished product

Once received, James managed the installation of the equipment and kept a constant line of communication with us for any last-minute questions or mid-installation concerns. We pride ourselves on always staying in contact with our customers to help with installation in any way that we can. 

We are deeply involved with each and every one of our client’s projects, no matter how big or small. We encouraged Riti and James to send us progress photos along with some final photos so we could ensure our products were installed correctly and to their expectations! We believe our staircase railing system added an impeccable finishing touch to Riti’s major home renovation. She was extremely pleased with the finished look and cannot wait to entertain guests in her newly renovated home! 


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