Prestige – MS

Commercial project?  Don’t sweat it.  The quality of our products will meet your needs, our modular systems are versatile, and our staff will do the heavy lifting to help create your best design.

Prestige Fitness Club in Mississippi outfitted their second floor cardio area with our Virginia Round glass railing system.

The Virginia Round Glass Railing System is versatile and modern .  It is comprised of round posts with round glass clamps.  Inline Design customers have the option to order a glass railing system with or without top rail.  If top rail is needed, it must be purchased separately, along with the corresponding number of base covers for your project.  Our stock posts are 36″ and 42″ high, and support glass thickness of 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass.  We offer stock middle and corner posts, at 180° and 90° respectively.  Glass thickness determines the maximum span between two posts: 5 feet for 1/2″ glass thickness and 4 feet for 3/8″ glass.

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