Press & Latch Cable Railing is the Final Touch for this Mid-Century Home


Gazing around Robert and Janet’s back yard, it’s apparent they’ve taken the time to make it something special. This mid-century brick home is surrounded by a lavish yard abundant in perennial shrubs, topiaries, flowers, and tall trees. A hexagon checkerboard patio underfoot directs your curiosity around the rock gardens where a peaceful statuary awaits.


When Robert came to us he was installing the brand new cedar wood deck himself. Two opposing decks to rise up meeting the house, a large gazebo in the middle to offer a place to rest protected and enjoy the natural splendor. With a yard like this, a deck like this, there was simply one thing missing. The stage was set once more for Inline Design. This family needed a complete cable railing system to emerge from the box matching the kind of quality they came to expect in their own home. 


Robert and Janet needed a company which stood behind it’s products, and one which would support the customer throughout the entire install. For this, a standard railing purchased at the local hardware store simply would not do. While Robert installed his new deck our sales lead Tan worked with him to refine the order. Robert was installing cable railings for his stairs, if this is something you are considering also, please see our article: “Top Things to Consider When Installing Cable Railings On Stairs

We requested Robert fill out the “Stairs Measurement Request Form for CAD Drawings.” These forms we provide during the order give our CAD team the information they need to appropriately spec out measurements for a final railing design. Once that is done we send along these CAD designs for final approval.


 Press and Latch Cable Railing System – Square Top, Mounted at 36″ Height

 Stainless Steel Base Slim Covers for Square Posts

– 108.5′ of Stainless Steel Square Tube

 Stainless Steel End Caps Square (Several w/ Threaded Hole)

– Flush Angle Square, Adjustable & 90 degree

– 984′ of AISI 316 Stainless Steel Cable Wire Rope

Prior to shipping, we forwarded Robert a multitude of helpful installation links and guides, a picture of their ready to go freight shipment, and a page with shipping information including tracking number.


“Overall my wife and I are very pleased with your product, the team’s assistance, and the final result. Keep me in mind if you have another customer in Michigan who may need help getting past the learning curve.” 

You are too kind Robert! We hope you enjoy the new railing system for many decades to come. Look at these pictures… what a lovely deck, peaceful among the Michigan wilds.

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