Nikolaus and Heather live in a special house in Los Angeles. Bordering the great Angles National Forest, this 1600 square foot home comes with its own unique claim to fame. Picture it: the northern canyons above LA, a long white-rock driveway spiraling up to a symmetrical house on a hill, finely detailed mid-century modern architecture, textured walls in every room, custom light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows. However, even this fantastic piece of architecture could use a cable railing systems installation.

inline Design Cable Railing handrail system

Here’s what the owners say: 

“This masterfully crafted property was designed in 1954 by world-renowned “Case Study” architect Pierre Koenig, who was one of the most influential mid-century modern architects of his time. Koenig eventually became an international design star with his CASE STUDY HOUSE #21 in 1958, the “BAILEY HOUSE,” and in 1959 with CASE STUDY HOUSE #22, the “STAHL HOUSE” – probably LA’s most famous residency… It represents the golden age of mid-century modern architecture and features visionary and colorful interior design, sensitively preserved half a century after its conception."

Problem Identification: A Deck Without The Cable Railing System

No matter how authentic your architecture is, sometimes even a house like the one described above could use one final touch. Nikolaus and Heather were without a cable railing system for their deck, and to our great honor, they found us first.

Inline Design Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing

Post Problem Recognition Step: Requesting The Most Appropriate Cable Railing System 

Emailing us the Inline Design Quote Request form complete with detailed measurements in the graphed section, they even sent along clear photos of the area of install with pictures edited to illustrate post placement. Information like this up front always helps our team expedite the process.

Our Solution Generating Process: Suggesting The Best Cable Railing System

Now their deck is something else. It surrounds the house completely with smooth natural stone tiling underfoot and plenty of seating. Everywhere you look a lush, rolling landscape of desert foliage, trees of shade, and cactus plants. White corrugated steel beams frame the main seating area and add a seamless perimeter where off-white beveled canvas curtains hang to provide practical and elegant protection from the elements.

Inline Design Deck Cable railing


So this cable railing system had to be special. It needed to match the quality and craftsmanship Nikolaus and Heather had come to expect in their own home. A product which would jump right out of the box balancing visual appeal with the rest of the property, it had to also be a durable barrier which they could rely on for years to come. We knew just the one. Our fabulous sales team quoted them for the Press and Latch cable railing system in a round profile, side-mounted, 42″ height. 

Pre Installation Process: Visualizing The Selected Cable Railing System

After receiving CAD designs from our team, Nikolaus and Heather approved the order and were excited to move forward. With a gated home there was the concern of when the freight shipping would arrive. Inline Design worked with them on lead time for production, arrival time for shipping, and ensured them that notification services by the freight carrier would verify delivery time prior to any arrival.

Inline Design Press and Latch Stainless Cable Railing Kit

Post Installation Process: Client Feedback On The Installed Cable Railing System

We were so happy to see pictures of their completed install. Nikolaus said: “We LOVE the deck railing! It literally is framing the deck in a very modern way and works perfectly with the mid-century modern style of the house.”

Inline Design wire railing system installed on the exterior deck

I’m seeing a shaded desert tent sitting in the middle of a desert oasis. A private escape filled with cool air, warm charm and quiet relaxation. May we hand you a mojito while you lounge under that LA sun?

Our Gratitude: Our Experience Of Installing The Cable Railing System

We were extremely keen on providing the best possible solution to our clients. Their happiness meant the world to us. Not only did we want to provide them with a secured deck, but we also wanted to thoroughly satisfy them by matching the design to the iconic architecture of the rest of their home. 

We are glad to have successfully delivered to our client’s satisfaction. In the end, all we want to say to them is, “Enjoy your completed deck, Nikolaus and Heather. And don’t forget to mention Inline Design to all your Hollywood friends!”

round profile stainless steel railing
For more such intricate architecture solutions, visit our website, or send us a detailed email RFQ, and we will do our best to help you out.
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