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Modernizing a Bright Split Level Home

This homeowner was modernizing their bright split level home.  Minimizing extra hardware to showcase our Virginia Round Glass Railing System with square glass clamps makes this space feel light and airy. The use of a glass system opens up the room.  Our production team was able to provide design advice that truly makes this space a standout!

The handrail on the upper wall uses only one Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket Round for Flat and Round Tube, and returns to the wall using our Stainless Steel End Cap Round with threaded hole and Stainless Steel Wall Bracket Screw or Hanger Bolt to support this minimal design.

Mounting the Stainless Steel Pivot Flange on the center stringer wall maximizes functionality and space on each stair tread.  This is truly a unique design that beautifully accents this Bellevue home.

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