Miguel – CA

Our Miami Square cable railing system adds a stylish, modern look to the porch of Miguel’s home.  Even a small stainless steel cable railing system has a large effect on the space.  This is a great example of how our systems really embellish a residential home. The same can be said for a large deck or an interior staircase in any residential or commercial building.

This porch had a pre-existing column that our swageless tensioners and swageless terminals were installed to fix to.  No columns necessary.  The posts were mounted to the concrete surface, and another corner post does the heavy lifting with fittings on two sides to make the transition down the steps.

Take another look at our Miami System.  Do you prefer this look over our San Francisco?  Do you prefer cable over glass?  When you think about it, there are infinite options and combinations for your space.  A little creativity goes a long way, and we haven’t even brought up our wall mounted handrail brackets.

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