Leila – WA

Our new fascia design posts are great! They are an upscale and unique option for your deck or balcony.  We are proud to add this product offering to the Inline Design product family and are so happy with the result of this installation.

Leila’s home was one of our first projects using the fascia posts.  Fascia posts maximize square footage and take the sleekness of stainless steel to a whole new level.  This deck makes use of both inside cornerand outside corner posts, as well as stair posts using the fascia system.  The design solution on this tight u-turn was brilliant and using our Stainless Steel Flush Angle 90 degree fitting on the corners of the top rail, connected by a short cut of the round tube allows for a continuous handrail.  This was a really innovative design.

Now that it’s done, this deck calls for a summer barbecue!  Grab some friends, set out the speakers, and fire up that grill.  Did you notice that the steps lead to a hot tub?  This backyard is a home-run!

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