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Hybrid Approach for Side and Floor Mounted Glass

Konstantin was looking for a hybrid between side and floor mounted glass railing round posts for the interior of his house, and Inline Design delivered on both asks!   Notice our Stainless Steel Large Round Glass Clamp for Flat Surface mounted to the floor to support the triangular glass panel?  This is a creative application of our product, and allows for the most minimalist design.  The stairs feel bright and welcoming as they rise up to the second story landing.  Our top mount Virginia Round glass railing system is warmed by the light wood.  The landing hosts a fascia version of this system for an interesting combination.

A wooden handrail system is mounted to the wall using our Stainless Steel Handrail Wall Bracket for Flat and Round Tube, a bracket that is compatible to mount a square or round tube to wood, sheet rock, steel, and glass.  This is a versatile product!

Even the living space is contained by a fascia glass railing system that separates the home’s entry from the living room.  Details like this make the space one of a kind.

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