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Donnie and Leila Enjoy The Beautiful View of Lake Union

Donnie and Leila enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Union on this Seattle houseboat featuring a custom designed 36″ Miami Round fascia system. The railing integrates seamlessly and looks amazing next to the water, the landscape and, of course, to Leila herself.  On-site fabrication of the gates you see in the photos show off Donnie’s ingenuity and the versatility of our products.

All of our railings and components have a marine grade finish of AISI Stainless Steel, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and beachfront areas.  This steel is incredibly resistant to inclement weather.  While all steel is naturally corrosive, 316 stainless steel contains a higher concentration of molybdenum – making it more resistant to pitting and corrosion that occurs from stress, scratches, and other blemishes.  For exterior installations, we recommend using our passivation kit to clean and seal your railing system.  Our Engineering Specifications outline more information about 316 steel and maintenance recommendations.

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