Custom Application Using Our Press & Latch Cable Railing

Although some might regard projects with special orders with apprehension, at Inline Design we welcome and encourage them. Anthony is a repeat customer based in New York who was interested in completing another project at his home and working with our sales team via email. He decided on a stainless steel railing for the interior and exterior of his home, featuring our Press and Latch Cable Railing System with stainless steel square tubing and end caps. 

Anthony requested no CAD work for his project and knew exactly what he needed. His original inquiry had to do with stair posts that had no pre-drilled holes, no infill? No problem! As most installations go, with remote communication and logistics, Anthony noticed he was short 2 flat saddles with 90 degree turns when his order was shipped. Our team immediately recognized the error and sent the two remaining saddles to New York free of charge. 

The finished product was documented by photos sent to our marketing team. The project showcased how Anthony’s exceptional eye and our quality craftsmanship blended together to create a sleek, modern aesthetic for his home. We take pride in working with our clients every step of the way, whether it’s creating a cable railing system for the interior or exterior of any home or business. 

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