Creativity, On-Site Fabrication, Voila!

As a company, it’s really exciting when customers come to us with ideas that use our products in ways beyond their original design.  This requires creativity and on-site fabrication, but it pays off tenfold.

This patio gains warm entry and a place to grow vine-based plants where spans of cable were installed in the rear.  These cables go much higher than our 36″ and 42″ posts!  This section of the project required lag screws, swageless cable tensioners, and swageless cable terminals, with the cable of course.

A top mounted San Francisco cable railing system was installed to frame the seating area.  Custom fabrication on a middle post allowed the top rail to affix using the Stainless Steel Tube Adapter at a lower height.  This is perhaps the best example in our gallery of stainless steel integrating with nature – it is designed around the existing trees and plants.  Absolutely inspired!

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