Chris – AB, CAN

This Alberta home could double as a live-in art gallery for all its beautiful features.  Where cable might detract from the open layout, glass maintains the continuous flow of the space from the kitchen to stairs leading to the lower level.  Glass railing also compliments the amazing front door and entry, which is spanned by large glass panels.  The result is a beautiful, open room and welcoming entry.  The modern design of the home’s pre-existing design choices in the light fixtures and kitchen make our stainless steel the perfect choice.

Top mounted Chicago Square glass system run up the stairs.  You can see from the bottom floor, up to the second landing, the right side handrail uses the Stainless Steel Flush Angle Adjustable, and then a short cut of tube before ending right into the upper stair stringer using a Stainless Steel End Cap Square with threaded hole.  The glass can then transition up the stairs without any distracting breaks.  This was a clever solution to a common problem.

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