Cable Stair Railing for Katie in MT

We were ecstatic to see Katie again as a return customer! Her construction company in Montana has completed projects with us before and they were now looking for a complete cable railing package to compliment a single story, in-home carpeted staircase. After receiving a diagram detailing measurements needed by our sales team was able to quickly compile a great setup and send back a quote within the day.

Katie needed the new railing system to run an upward angle of 87″ with a 90 degree turn at the top, into a 44.5″ flat run. The system needed to be mounted into low-rise white stair moulding, and also match nicely with the surrounding slate-gray walls accented by brown carpeting. She also needed the system to come complete with custom modifications. One of our most popular products, the Press and Latch Cable Railing System came to mind. Not only was this system an elegant match for the area, it was the simple, durable and safe solution we thought Katie could really get behind. These railings also feature an innovative installation method, requiring no tools – resulting in up to 80% less time spent on setup as compared to similar systems.

Our engineers were excited to tackle the specific modifications Katie needed for her Round Stair Posts and Handrail Brackets. After receiving the request,  our CAD team sent back a few drawings for consideration, with both a top and side view for review. Once confirmation was received, our engineering team began work on the modifications immediately.

Whether indoor or outdoor, at home or in office, our heavy-duty metallic cable railings provide a safe, transparent and easy to maintain barrier for busy or elevated areas. Complimented by a robust Satin 316 Stainless Steel finish and reinforced with molybdenum – this weatherproof material is naturally resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Katy took advantage of our Free Shipping rebate and kindly sent us pictures of her fantastic new setup.

We couldn’t believe our eyes! One more success story the Inline Design team is proud to stand behind. Thanks Katie, we can’t wait to serve you again.

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