Specialties Of The Cable Railing In Seattle Airport

The Seattle Airport Marriott's use of cable railing creates a restorative ambience.  The Hotel recently gave their outdoor spaces a makeover with a kit. This gave us an opportunity to share our insights about the design elements of the cable railing in Seattle airport.

In their railing redesign Marriot used the Press & Latch cable system using square posts with round handrails, as well as the Virginia Round glass railing system.

5 Elements Used In Cable Railing In Seattle Airport

Cable railing is ideal for decks and other outdoor spaces such as atriums and courtyards, thanks to its durability and weather-resistant properties.  This is a great example to illustrate how it is possible to use architectural design elements to achieve an intended atmospheric effect for your outdoor area. 

Like the 5 elements of nature make all the difference in the world, the 5 elements in designing an outdoor space that make all the difference include: 

  1. Line
  2. Color
  3. Texture
  4. Space
  5. Unity

The Line of a Design Communicates Mood

The cable railings at the SeaTac Marriott Hotel accomplish an ambience of tranquility due to their use of horizontal lines.  Horizontal lines, running parallel to the ground below, are visually grounding and promote an atmosphere of relaxation. 

Alternately, diagonal lines would create an energized and more dynamic environment, and vertical lines would create a feeling of loftiness, or elevation, as well as strength.  

interior cable railing mariott

Carefully Curated Colors Help Achieve Visual Balance

Earthy and rustic tones such as browns and greens dominate the color scheme in the Marriott’s open-air areas. A neutral beige is also incorporated, which enhances the dominant colors in the scheme. 

Their use of the stainless steel cable systems and glass systems is a great complement to the overall color scheme, and adds a polished and contemporary touch to the landscape. 

deck railing cable

The Importance of Texture 

The deck cable railing used at the Marriott has a smooth texture, which is helpful for creating a streamlined appearance in an outdoor space. It also successfully contrasts with the jagged rock wall, creating a dynamic juxtaposition of textures in an understated way. 

stainless steel cable rails mariott

Take Advantage of Space  

One advantage to these systems is that they optimize the view in places such as atriums and patios, making the most out of natural settings. The Marriott’s new railings provide the space with a beautiful, unobstructed view. 

outdoor cable railing mariott

Use Different Design Elements to Create Unity 

The repetitive appearance of horizontal lines in the cable railing frames the lovely outdoor area in the Marriott.

By balancing different design elements, the space evokes a relaxing and restorative mood, with the hint of contemporary polish. 

Whether you are creating a backyard garden oasis or designing an open-air atrium, these design elements can help. There is great versatility when using this type of railing kit, with commercial and residential applications. Cable as well as glass railing is a great way to maximize a space’s natural beauty. Numerous design effects can be achieved with these sleek wire systems. 

tension cable railing mariott

Remember to pay special attention to the lines of the design. Thoughtfully select colors to portray the right mood for the environment you are hoping to cultivate. Consider the impact of the materials’ texture on the overall scene. Maximize the positive elements of the space. Finally, aim to achieve a balance of design elements with the ultimate goal of creating visual unity.

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