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Great Stainless Steel Accents Using Our Versatile Cable Fittings Unify Both Outdoor Spaces


The second project on this home features our Miami Round cable railing system mounted on cement.  Top mounted round posts on long steps with short risers play off the exterior of the home and tie this project together with the back deck project for this Washington home.

Great stainless steel accents using our versatile Miami cable fittings unify both outdoor spaces.

Here’s a Tip: Remember to put the passivating kit in your cart before checkout!  A small amount of surface buildup is not uncommon after exposure to weather or salty conditions.  We recommend our solution or a stainless polish to keep this from happening.

All steel is naturally corrosive but  316 stainless contains a higher concentration of molybdenum which is what makes it so resistant to pitting and corrosion that may occur from stress, scratches or other blemishes. Although 316 is more resistant to corrosion it is not corrosion-proof unless using our passivation solution to clean the railing immediately after installation. Application of the passivation solution will clean and seal your new railing system. The length of time that the passivation will be effective varies based on the climate and conditions of the area. Harsher climates may require a yearly or twice yearly application where as a more mild climate will only need a single application yearly or every few years. The application of the passivation kit is simple by spraying the railing for a period of 15-30 minutes at room temperature. After soaking, rinse the surface with clean water. The surface can then be wiped dry with a clean cloth or appropriate absorbent medium.

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