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Top Stainless Steel Commercial Cable Railing in California

At Inline Design, we strive to cater to both commercial and residential clients. Our project of installing commercial cable railing in California is a live example of how our products meet commercial standards. Below are the case facts of the project highlighting our quality products.

stainless steel cable railing round.jpeg

Understanding Client Requirement Of Stainless Steel Cable Railing 

Vincent had just completed the construction of his latest real estate project of condos in a building in San Francisco, California. He was looking to give it the final touch by installing a cable railing system to all of the condo units.

He aimed to select a cost-effective solution that would enhance the beauty of his project and fit his budget of bulk order. This was when he requested a quote from us.stainless steel cable railing leaves.jpeg

Providing The Best Fit Stainless Steel Commercial Cable Railing System 

We showed Vincent many options of 42″ high stainless steel cable railing for his condo units. He was impressed by the variety and quality he found and finally picked our side-mounted Miami Round cable railing system.

Guiding The Client With Accessories & Installation 

We guided him that he should use our pivot flange along with a base cover to secure the cable railing system to the wall. This, in our opinion, was the most optimized solution and met his cost-effective criteria as minimum accessories were required. 

stainless steel cable railing.jpeg

This system requires only one post on corners vs other systems on the market that require two posts.

Client Feedback On Our Cable Railing Systems & Over All Services

When Vincent compared our costs to other providers, he couldn't believe it! All he could say to us was, "I am thankful to have chosen Inline Design for my condo project. Not only are the products of top-notch quality, but the company also doesn't believe in overselling. They are a genuine business that believes in an ethical way of doing things. I would definitely choose Inline Design for all my upcoming commercial projects."

stainless steel cable railing outdoor.jpeg

Our Gratitude To Satisfied Commercial Cable Railing Client From California

We are very grateful to clients like Vincent, who spread good word of mouth for us. Inline Design believes in providing optimal solutions and ethical profiteering only. Repeat business means a lot for us, and we do our best to give the client quality products at the best rates in the market.

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